The OtterBox Defender Series provides an exclusive multi-layer design that keeps information and investments safe. Not one other case can withstand this degree of rough treatment. The Defender Series provides superior protection for any smartphone allowing complete interaction with the case.

iPhone 5 Otterbox


Complete functionality is retained from the Defender Series, including speaker, microphone, camera and flash

Rubber plug covers prevent dust, dirt and debris in the main openings, including volume controls, power button, and headphone jackThree layers of defense have an inner polycarbonate layer plus an outer silicone layer

iPhone 5 Otterbox


A plastic screen protector is created in to the inner shell to prevent scuffs and scrapes while still maintaining the sensitivity of the touchscreen

Two-piece inner polycarbonate shell snaps together across the device to make a snug fitOuter silicone cover wraps across the inner shell to make a solid defense against oopsies like drops and shocksRotating belt holster attaches to almost anything and may accommodate the unit in any direction. Face the screen outward for quick access or face the facts inward for ultimate protection


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